DSD Foodgroup continue to find refreshingly positive solutions to everyday, real problems facing food industry companies.


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Cutting Edge

Here at DSD Foodgroup, we have made sure that we stay on the cutting edge of technology and advances in food industry techniques. Our staff are complete experts and can offer helpful advice in areas where even large companies can come to a standstill. Running a successful food service, no matter what sector, takes a great deal of plate spinning and logistics. DSD Foodgroup can step in and alleviate the load.

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Website Sales

Frozen Gourmet Food

DSD Food Group owns a groupĀ of companies each specializing in specific sectors of the food market. After many years we are able to offer a broad spectrum of high quality products together with a variety of services. One of our companies is Dining Solutions Direct. It is a website that offers incredible gourmet quality foods and can be viewed at http://diningsolutionsdirect.co.uk

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Product Wrapping

Many food companies lack the facility to wrap their products. DSD Foodgroup can boast a variety of wrapping technology that can handle an enormous rate of units per minute. Everything from frozen pizza to chocolate bars can be wrapped by our highly skilled operators. We are able to organise all the different aspects of wrapping. Choosing the right materials, providing the logistics, offering advice and ensuring the product is fully compliant with all necessary documentation. Running a successful wrapping facility requires experience and DSD Foodgroup have plenty to offer.

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Cold Storage

Developing a cold storage unit is an expensive undertaking. DSD Foodgroup have for many years invested in the latest freezing technology. Thanks to this foresight, the cost of running these units has dropped dramatically. Companies wishing to store frozen products at -15 degrees or less can take advantage of our facilities at a very favorable rate. Of course, alongside the cold storage, we provide a full service including palletising and re-packing products.

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