Dry Ice

DSD Food Group is one of the Uk’s leading suppliers of dry ice. We are consistently delivering dynamic and cost effective dry ice solutions to customers. Dry ice can be used in a vast array of industries and applications whether it’s transporting chilled or frozen foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals or applications such as fog machines.
We offer a complete service including delivery on a day convenient to you, information and advice on handling and storing dry ice and very competitive prices.
We can 10 kilo blocks of dry ice as well as pellets and slices of dry ice.
Slices and pellets are to order – Price available on request.
We can supply a 10 kilo blocks of ice for only £39.99 + vat including delivery. Blocks are kept in stock and can be delivered within 2-3 days.
Dry Ice is environmentally friendly. It’s created from CO² (a bi-product of industrial manufacturing processes) – and it sublimes back into CO² at atmospheric pressure. There’s no secondary waste, no harmful gases, no dangerous chemicals or toxins therefore making it a very useful product.
To place and order or request more information please contact Nick on 05601 298901